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Freclo: your all-in-one hub for effortless document creation, organization, and tracking.

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Explore a variety of pre-made templates designed for all kinds of knowledge. Whether it's meeting notes or creative briefs, find everything you require to ignite your creativity.

Meeting Notes
Record discussions, decisions, and action items from meetings.
Creative Brief
Outline objectives, scope, and requirements for a project.
Project Plan
Detailed roadmap outlining tasks, timelines, and resources for a project.
Bug Tracker
Keep track of identified software issues or glitches.
Strategic Plan
Long-term vision and goals for a business or organization.
Competitive Analysis
Evaluate competitors' strengths and weaknesses.
Company Wiki
Centralized repository of company information and resources.
Brand Guidelines
Standards for maintaining brand identity across all materials.
Content Planner
Schedule and organize content creation and publication.
Marketing Proposal
Plan and pitch marketing strategies or campaigns.
Employee Handbook
Policies, guidelines, and expectations for employees.
Project Report
Summary of a project's progress, outcomes, and lessons learned.

Boost productivity.

Maintain the order and organization of what's important to you. Locate what you
need, precisely when you need it. Collaborate seamlessly on shared projects.


Organize your documents logically and efficiently, ensuring that they are always within easy reach.


Easily find all your needed documents and folders using Freclo's lightning-fast search.


Collaborate in real-time regardless of location, sharing your work to achieve goals quicker as a team.


Make your content accessible to anyone, anywhere, by easily publishing your documents or folders online with a click.


Easily replicate your work by making copies of any document or folder.


Clear out unnecessary clutter and maintain a tidy workspace by swiftly deleting unused content.

Say goodbye to chaos.

With Freclo, effortlessly monitor your changes, explore various ideas, and restore
your work instantly—all within your editor, without skipping a beat.


Harness the potential of parallel thinking while seamlessly juggling multiple ideas at once.


Gain unparalleled insight into the evolution of your work by exploring the extensive version history of each document.


Feel the impact of Freclo's version history and bid farewell to the concern of ever losing even a fragment of your work.

Build, Manage & Track.